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This site features a number of financial tools we hope you will find useful and entertaining. If you are wondering about our name, it refers to a quick rule of thumb for determining the growth of an investment. For more details, please check out Rule of 72.

So, what can you find here? Every body wants to see their savings grow. To get an idea of the effects of interest rates (and especially compound interest) check out our investing page. To select the best mortgage (or any loan) for you, see our mortgage page. Got credit cards? See why you need to pay them off as soon as possible here. Life Insurance is the foundation of your "financial house". Check out our insurance section. Finally, what happens to your RRSP when you reach age 71? Find out here.

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Finally, we urge you to read the disclaimer which we have included near the bottom of every page. While we believe the information on these pages is accurate, there is always the possibility for error. All calculations are approximations only (they should be very close, but your financial institution or financial adviser will undoubtedly have slightly different figures). You should always seek the assistance of a reputable financial adviser before making any sizable financial decisions. That said, please enjoy. And tell your friends.

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Warning! Although the information contained in this site is, to the best of our knowledge and belief, accurate, it is presented for your entertainment only. You should never base financial decisions solely on the information contained here. You are strongly advised to seek the assistance of a professional financial adviser before making any substantial financial decisions. In particular, please remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. No one has certain knowledge of what the (non-guaranteed) returns on an investment will be. We accept no responsibility for the use (or misuse) of any of the information presented here.

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